Join the magic and brighten our listener’s day!

Magic 109 is looking for prospective applicants to join our team! With no launch date yet, we want to make the listening experience a fantastic one and can’t do that without your help! We have always prided ourselves in our presenters and pushed them to be the very best! If you’re interested in being apart of our family, please keep reading!

Why us?

When you apply at Magic 109, we try to provide you the best experience possible! These are just some of the benefits of applying at our station!

  • Receive your very own email address!
    Each of our presenters gets an email account for reaching out to our listeners as well as recieving emails from our listeners. We believe in uniformity, so having an email address is imparative. You shouldn’t have to use your personal email address or set up an email address yourself unless you absolutely want to. You can even forward our email address to one you already own if you so desire.
  • Be apart of our mailing lists!
    We think communication is important, hense why we have an internal email list to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on behind the scenes. You’ll also be added to our announcements mailing list as well so that you don’t miss any announcements that we or the other presenters send out to our listeners too.
  • Ability to post to our website and Announcements mailing list!
    One of the benefits you won’t find at other stations is the fact that we give you the privilage to post your own announcements on our website. Use this to either post show details or even personal blog posts, so long as they’re posted under the appropriate category on our website. We think an open dialog with our listeners is important. All announcements will be sent to our listeners by email. Personal blog posts will be available on our website for listeners to catch up on their own time too.
  • A customized bio right on our website!
    The best way to share your details about yourself to our listeners is to share this information right on our website. One way we do this is by giving you your own bio! All bios include a photo which you provide in our application, a brief summery of who you are, your hobbies, and interests, and contact details. We also share a list of all presenters too, which is a great way to get to know one another as well.
  • Your own login details to connect to our streaming server!
    One of the biggest concerns at any station is ensuring the right person is given the access to the streaming servers. We provide details that give you access to connect to our station’s streaming server. This information gets plugged into your preferred encoder and the rest is a piece of cake! We provide support if needed, and definitely want you to feel comfortable before your first show debutes.
  • Optional access to Listener Stats!
    Get access to listener statistics to help you kraft your show. These stats will help you improve your show by determining what the listeners like and dislike. Ask more about listener statistics to the management team.
  • Receive requests straight from our website!
    Our presenters enjoy the ability to receive requests from our listeners straight through our website. The request form provides all the details necessary to properly search for the request, and if you don’t have it, it is okay to inquire to the team of presenters if they can help you fulfill that listener request.
  • Get help building your own show promo and other audio content!
    Every presenter is entitled to 1 (one) FREE promo! This is designed by the folks at gbj Imaging. Additional promos, sweepers, drops, liners, and audio content are not included. However, gbj Imaging does offer competitive prices should you need further material.
  • Frequent team huddles and one-on-one reviews!
    Previously, when Magic 109 was around, we’d give you everything at your fingertips, and let you loose to do what you thought was best for your show. We still do this, but we offer guidance to help keep you headed in the right direction, and provide a bit of reassurance. Six times a year we offer one-on-one reviews to help you individually, and six times a year group discussions to help everyone stay on track, and reinforce a team atmosphere.
  • Be apart of great station contests and events!
    One of the best parts of being apart of the Magic 109 family is that you’re invited to join us in our station contests, events, and other related festivities; including the Magic 1OK9 Contest, our birthday spectacular, and the December to Remember event. We try to always go all out on our contests and events we hold, and having you apart of it is that much more better!

We offer a lot more as well. Just reach out to us or apply online and let’s get something started! You’re sure to have fun if this is something you truly love! Your talented expertise is definitely appreciated and valued.