Small downtime for the Chaos Bus

Hey there Chaos Bus fans!

The world loves to hate me and right now the feeling is mutual, lol. I, the lovely SheDevil have to put the Chaos Bus on a small hold for the next few weeks, but I will be returning promise. Not so long of a break this time.

I was seriously sick the last few weeks and not completely back to full speed and then my lovely job has decided it’s going to throw the next phase of training at me as well the next couple of weeks. And for training I have to actually go into the office and that’s in another city from where I live. So, must concentrate on that for the next couple of weeks, but when I return on June 8th I wil bring you the torture you all know and love.

As a reminder, that theme will be ***work*** so if you have any songs that deal with work you hav more time to get them to me.

Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!