Down below we’ve posted the top questions management at Magic 109 gets asked. We hope you find these answers useful. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to submit them on our Contact Us page. After all, your question may help answer someone’s inquiry as well.

  • What are some of the grading criteria to be a presenter here at Magic 109?
    The grading criteria are pretty straightforward. Some of the things we look for include; audio quality, engagement/interaction, show mechanics, attendance, spontaneity, overall performance, and other factors that can contribute to a great presenter. For a list of all the details we look for, download our scoresheet. We also provide this for new applicants after their follow-up interviews.
  • Am I tested on my interview?
    Yes! We do evaluate all applicants to determine if they have a basic understanding of our Volunteer Service Agreement. This is why we ask everyone to be familiar with it for their interview. The good news is all interviews are open-book. In other words, you don’t need to memorize all the rules and regulations. You just need to be able to find them.
  • Why is a follow-up interview necessary?
    We conduct follow-up interviews with some of our prospective applicants in the event there is a lot to discuss. Interviews are typically at most 90-minutes. If management feels that all the questions they have for you, or you have for them may take too long, they will ask for another interview that they’ll schedule with you during your initial interview. No one will get more than two interviews, and a decision will be made by the end of the second interview regarding whether or not management wants to conduct auditions with you.
  • If I was turned away regardless of when it happened, can I reapply?
    Yes. We do encourage ALL applicants to reapply. We will never hide your reason that you were turned away and will always be honest with you. If you were turned away, try reapplying after 90-days. Review any suggestions we made to you, consult a presenter for additional help, and study up. We look for those with determination after all!
  • Are there any prerequisites for being a presenter at Magic 109?
    Yes. All presenters must be fairly knowledgeable and navigate a computer with ease and should have a basic understanding of the following.
    1. A decent-sized music library with at least 10,000 tracks for every hour you are on air.
    2. A microphone is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED! A mixer is nice if you know how to use it properly.
    3. The ability to add station encoder details to your broadcasting software. We STRONGLY recommend StationPlaylist Studio and will only support technical help with this program, but your broadcast program can be different so long as you know where to get assistance if need be.
    4. A basic understanding to configure any email client so that you can add your station email address we provide you during setup and check emails, or the basic understanding to check our station email web server.
    5. Ability to compose, reply, and forward emails to interact with listeners, as well as post announcements about your radio show or other station events.
    6. An ability to follow directions.
    7. An ability to work with others.
    8. A passion to better one-self.
    9. Other key factors that could potentially greater your chances as a presenter. Feel free to submit your own inquiries!