We make it easy to listen to us no matter where you are! Magic 109 can be tuned in through a plethora of ways. We even make it possible for you to view recently played tracks as well. All this and more can be found right here on this page.

Give us a listen right now!

Down below are the most common ways to tune in to Magic 109, whether through your favorite media player, smart speaker, mobile device, or another listening method. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about listening to us, feel free to reach out and contact us, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Media Players

  • Winamp
  • Windows Media Player
  • iTunes

Note: The above media players are dependent on whether or not you have them installed or enabled. Otherwise, your default media player that handles the specified file type or protocol will open our stream instead.

Smart Speakers & Mobile Devices

We are on TuneIn for your convenience. This means you can listen through your smart speaker or mobile device. Just summon your Google or Alexa-enabled device to “Play Magic 109” on TuneIn and before you know it, you’re enjoying the sweet sounds of Magic 109 no matter where you are!

As a licensed station through Live365, we are on the Live365 app available in the Google Play store and Apple App store as well. You can even summon it through the Google and Alexa-enabled smart speakers and devices by enabling the Live365 skill. Just tell your device to “enable Live365” and It will then ask what station you’d like to listen to. Just say “Magic 109” and it should start streaming us in no time!


Please keep in mind as a licensed internet radio station, we need to report listener statistics at all times. We, therefore, are letting you know that when you listen to us, we track your listener hours, general location/region, and IP address but do not obtain any personally identifiable information from you. Circumventing your geo details using a VPN may impact your listening experience. All feeds are streamed at or above 128kpbos @ 44.1 KHz and are in stereo.

Upon listening to Magic 109 you agree to the following terms of use.

  1. The content streamed may not be suitable for all audiences and listener discretion may be advised.
  2. The views and opinions expressed on the air are of that individual or program and may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Magic 109, the management team, or it’s other presenters as a whole.
  3. Listeners are encouraged to contact us when they hear content in our periods of automation hosted by ‘The Magician’ that may be innapropriate for all audiences so that we can make your listening experience a better one no matter who you are or where you are listening to us.
  4. Magic 109 makes no promise or commitment to any of the programming and reserves the right to change or alter it with no notice at all. Our schedule is based on a rough estimate and a guide for those looking to find certain programmed events that occur on our station both live and automated at an estimated time.
  5. Rebroadcasting, copying, duplicationg, simulcasting, syndicating, or redistributing the content that airs on our streaming servers is not allowed without the expressed written consent from Magic 109 and/or the presenter responsible for streaming that program or show.

Previously Played

Down below is a list of the last 10 tracks played on our streaming servers, including the currently playing track. Keep in mind, some displayed results may include station-related material such as commercials, promos, PSAs, or other non-music content.