Please consider sending your contributions. All donations received will be used to pay for website and streaming costs, licensing, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Magic 109

Why donate?

Internet radio is not cheap! Running an online station brings site and streaming costs, licensing, and other expenses such as social media, contests and events, maintenance fees, and other unforeseen expenses. All donations are used to better our station and the listeners in our community. Your contributions help pay for;

  • Website
    Maintaining and upkeep for our station is our number one concern. We do our best to ensure it’s accessible to the community it serves.
  • Streaming
    One of the most defining features that makes us an internet radio station is the music we stream nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Ensuring we stay on top of future issues promises an unforgettable experience for our listeners.
  • Skills & Mobile Access
    Years ago, internet radio stations could survive by providing straight links to their listeners that directed them to their streaming feeds and do well. Today, to stay competitive, stations need to provide access to mobile devices and smart speakers. We do this by getting on platforms like TuneIn, Live365, Get Me Radio, and other streaming directories that make our station more available to our listeners.
  • Contests & Events
    It’s not often, but we try to give back to our community of listeners by giving them the incentive to listen. One way we do this is by offering contests and events. We don’t feel it cheapens the internet radio experience, but rewarding our valued listeners is something we enjoy doing. Not to mention the team of presenters that put effort into their programs each and every week.
  • Social Media
    Exposure on social media is something we do our best to provide our listeners with the most up-to-date information on our presenters and the station as a whole. Some platforms enhance the experience by allowing small businesses and organizations to be more visible on users’ feeds. Not only do we do our best to provide relevant information about our station but we drum up interaction from our listeners as well.
  • Productivity
    Believe it or not, management puts an effort to be as productive as they can and instills this behavior on their presenters. One example of this is that we use software to schedule interviews with new applicants. This streamlines the new presenters at Magic 109 so that they quickly get their show on the air. Using apps like Fantastical help make life easier for not just the management team, but everyone else involved as well.
  • Audio Production
    The sound you hear on our streaming feed, regardless how you listen is important to us. Whether it’s our fabulous music library or our hand-crafted drops, liners, promos, or sweepers, we put a huge amount of effort in the process of an idea to audio material. This process takes a huge amount of effort, and we try to make it sound as if you’re the only one tuned in. Whether it’s AI or real voice-over, we put our best foot forward to make it sound amazing!
  • Charitable Causes
    Occasionally, if we find a surplus, we do our best to find a worthy cause to donate any proceeds to a charitable cause. We clearly identify anytime we do this and do our best to give back to the community that has served us so well.
  • And more…
    In any event, other expenses or time spent to bring you the best internet radio station we can is inevitable. We’re always honest and any contribution of any size will always be used for good. Our listeners are important to us and any inquiries are always discussed.

In the end, donations are important to us and we are extremely grateful to those that help continue the effort to bring our community the best internet radio station. Whether you’re listening religiously, give to our causes, help make our station’s costs, we want to say ‘thank you’ and really do appreciate your continued support. If you have any questions about donations or contributions, feel free to reach out and contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your inquiries as soon as we can!