Join Us

Have you ever considered being on this side of the microphone? Here at Magic 109, we pride ourselves on our team of presenters. If you have the commitment, dedication, know-how, and on-air personality, we want you a part of our awesome team!

With that said, there are some things you should know about us before applying. Our philosophy is to be upfront and honest with you. We ensure you have everything at your fingertips and have a basic understanding of what you need to get started. Some things like a microphone, a music library, and perhaps the gear to get going are obvious, but there are a lot of things we look for that can set you apart from the rest.

Key attributes we look for in an applicant are:

  • Commitment – It’s very important to us that you’re in it to win it. We look for individuals who want to strive for perfection and put an effort into their radio shows.
  • Dedication – We value our presenters who show dedication and put there all into our station. Some examples of dedication may include volunteering for fill-in shows, getting involved in special events, and just showing up for team meetings.
  • Engagement – Can you be a team player? This is something we consider in any application. Participation helps improve the atmosphere and your involvement improves the experience of others. It takes a village to run an internet radio station, so you can be assured that you will be involved in our future if approved.
  • Know-How – We’re not looking for intelligent individuals, but if you are more power to you! We’re looking for those who know there way around their computer, are tech-savvy solving problems, and perhaps could help others as well. Most importantly though, can you follow direction?
  • On-Air Personality – There are a variety of on-air personalities out there and we don’t have a requirement as to the type of individual you are, we just ask that you showcase yourself as best as you can. Whether you’re confrontational, interactive, opinionated, or whatever, show us. It’s what makes you, you!
  • Social Skills – No surprise here, we’re looking for individuals who have a mature attitude and can interact with not just our presenters, but our listeners both online and off. It’s sad that this needs to be stated, but you’d be surprised how many need to be reminded.

Those are some key things to consider. We provided our ‘Volunteer Service Agreement’ below for those who are seriously interested in applying. As always, if you need more information though, we will be happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you might have as well. If you do apply, here’s only the best to you, and here’s hoping we can work together soon!