It’s the Triple Letter of the Day

The Chaos Bus brings you the triple letter of the day!

I managed to survive last week without anyone throwing things at me, but I don’t think this week will be safe, nope, not at all!

In the first hour, it’s the letter A, with songs from Alabama, Weird Al, Milli Vanilli and some parodies. Of course can’t forget the kick off song for the hour which will be Pink Floyd.

Then in the second hour it’s the letter J, with songs from Cledus T. Judd, James Brown, John Cougar and Will Smith. I think you fans of the Jump song will love me, right?

Finally the last hour it’s the letter K and kicking off the hour will be Knight Rider, follow by some Kid Rock, Kiss, and Kris Kross, well, not exactly in that order.

If you wish to get in touch with me during the show, use #ChaosBus for mastodon and #Magic109 for mastodon and x/twitter.

Grab all your family and friends and come join me Saturday from 4 to 7PM Eastern and be prepared to have some fun and erm, some groans too, only on Magic 109, the only station Breaking the Radio Dial and I take out the radios too!