Join us for The Magic Marathon Music Playlist!

Magic 109 would like to invite you to our first-ever Magic Marathon Music Playlist. This event is to recognize all the participants of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts!

The Boston Marathon has been going strong for the last 126 years. The Boston Marathon starts off in Hopkinton and goes 26.2 miles all the way to Boylston, St. in Boston. This year’s event marks 10 years after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. That said, we thought it would be fitting to help all the participants with a motivational music playlist!

Our Magic Marathon Music Playlist will keep you moving! You can catch it Monday (April 17th, 2023) at noon (12 pm) Eastern. It’ll be commercial-free with little interruption, and it should get you through the rest of the day, whether you’re working, or not, keep us on all afternoon! You’ll hear a variety of tunes from new to old. If it mentions “run”, or “running” or is an upbeat song, you might just hear it! We hope you’ll join us for this first-time-ever event and hope to do many more of these in the future!