The Rockin’ Pop Party gets poppin’ this week!

Magic 109

Last week, The Rockin’ Pop Party played a lot of rock. This week, we have the other half of what consists of not only the title of the show but what you’ll hear! Join me, Geno J as I feature a lot of pop in this week’s episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party!

You’ll also hear our first “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” since it returned a couple of weeks ago! This week, Run DMC takes on Dinosaur Pile Up with Tricky! You’ll get an opportunity to vote for your favorite and we’ll hear your thoughts on this week’s contenders as well as feature a sneak peek at what you’ll hear next week.

If that’s not enough, in “The Rockin’ Hour in History” you’ll hear more of your favorite tunes before 1980 to wrap up the show. It’s a fantastic show and your participation, requests and so much more are all headed your way tonight!

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The Rockin’ Pop Party with me, Geno J starts tonight (Friday, August 11th, 2023) at 9 pm (ET) right before Kelly’s KISS Hour with Kelly Matthews at midnight, here on Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial!